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The Challenging Spirit of Fukuido, Always Towards New Times

In addition to Japanese confectioneries using traditional skills inherited from the former owner, Fukuido continues to evolve under the motto, “Creation of impressive products,” including the development of original western confectioneries filled with ideas to make our customers delighted. Based in Bizen, Okayama, we have established our directly-managed shops in many places in Japan, shops at freeway service areas and mail-order service sites on the Internet. As an example of OEM business with affiliate companies and business development towards new times, we utilize our capabilities in product development and equipment to provide a well-established Hiki-cha store in Kyoto with our products. Aiming to be a confectionery company loved by customers all around the world, Fukuido is expanding its sales network to the world.

  • Retail Business
  • Internet Retail Business
  • Wholesale Business
  • Hands-on Business

Retail Business


Sales at Directly-managed Shops

This type of shop is very important for us as we can communicate with customers face-to-face. This enables us to make recommendations based on listening to customers’ preferences as well as their opinions. Not only at our main store in Bizen, but also at our other locations in Wake, Ako, Aioi, Saidaiji, Sanyo, Omachi and Kita-Okayama, Fukuido serves our customers from the bottom of our heart to make each of them enjoy our sweets.

For our retail business, please contact us by clicking here for the e-mail form or by calling us at (+81(0)869-64-2065).

Internet Retail Business

Internet Retailing

The products of Fukuido’s western confectionery brand, “MILESTONE,” are now available on the site of Rakuten Ichiba (market). You can purchase original products of Fukuido, including our topographically decorated cakes, soft sweets and baked confectioneries, from anywhere in Japan. Many customers are repeat customers and some of them choose our products as surprising and impressive gifts.
Some of our products are very popular and rank highly among others. They even receive attention from some media companies.



For our Internet retail business, please contact us by clicking here for the e-mail form or by calling us at (+81(0)869-64-2065).

Wholesale Business

Sweets OEM Business

Using our planning and development capabilities, as well as our equipment, we proactively offer our business as an OEM to affiliated companies. As one example of our OEM activity as a part of important supply chain, we introduced our business towards new generation, by providing a well-established Hiki-cha store in Kyoto with our products. Fukuido has been trusted as a partner with requisite experience due to our planning and technical capabilities, a sufficient amount of equipment and a motivation for quality management.
Currently, we sell over 270,000 pieces of rolled cake a year. This is just an example of the level of support that we provide to other companies enabling them to produce their own original sweets. Please do not hesitate to contact us to let us serve you as an experienced partner in the field of Japanese and western confectioneries.



Service Area Wholesale Business

We offer our products wholesale to shops in highway service areas so that customers can buy them as souvenirs and snacks to eat while driving. We provide a wide variety of products which customers can trust for their safety and taste. Michinoeki (roadside stations) and health centers (amusement centers for the progression of health) are other places where you can purchase our products.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for suggestions of products that can meet the requirements for any sales locations.


Sweet Wholesale Business for Eating-out

The dessert lineup has become a prominent part of the diversifying food-service industry, on top of meal menu. From authentic Japanese confectioneries to western confectioneries with which we seek out comprehensive joy, Fukuido is capable of providing customers with products matching their preferences from among those of a wide range and of supporting customers by providing ideas for sweets recipes made with our flexible imagination and skills. You can fully trust our focus on quality as the most important aspect and the delivery of reliable, safe and delicious sweets.


Retailing Business at Fair Events throughout Japan

Fukuido accepts the establishment of branch shops in department stores, grocery stores, and event locations, among others. We do so, regardless of the size of such shops. During the “Umaimono (delicious food) event” of Rakuten Ichiba, “MILESTONE” joined the event and its sweets were well-received by customers.
We are capable of setting up stores for both Japanese and western confectioneries to meet the concept of event planning, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Complimentary Gift Sweets Business

How about preparing sweets as complimentary gifts as an impressive present for customers who join events and those who visit shops? We can also offer an assortment of sweets for these purposes.
Considering the business sector and age of customers, etc., we can prepare gifts that meet the needs of customers and offer packaging ideas. We are more than happy to be of help to our customers.

For our wholesale business, please contact us by clicking here for the e-mail form or by calling us at (+81(0)869-64-2065).

Hands-on Business


Hands-on Sweets Making Business

Hands-on sweets making can be an interesting part of programs at local events for children, schools events, company events as well as sightseeing activities. Adam, the MILESTONE producer, will take the role of being mainly an instructor with support from the artisans of Fukuido who normally serve as sweets makers. It is an enjoyable experience to make your own sweets after watching a demonstration by professional sweets makers.

We sincerely respond to requests for interviews by magazines, television and newspaper companies. We welcome your contact with our personnel responsible for public relations in advance.

For our hands-on business, please contact us by clicking here for the e-mail form or by calling us at (+81(0)869-64-2065).



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