Spirit of Fukuido

Creation of Surprises, Impressive Experience, Safety, Healing and the Spirits of Omotenashi, All for Your Smile

Since its establishment in 1871, Kasho Fukuido has inherited treasured history, tradition and culture over a long period of history. Our products reflect the craftsmanship and minds of our artisans. Always being trusted and endeared by our customers and keeping these feelings in mind, we undertake our sweets making by sincerely paying our best efforts and respecting Japanese tradition gained since the establishment of Fukuido. What we have in our minds does not change even when things change with the times. Based on our spirit established through the making of our sweets, we will take up any challenge in the future in genres which are new to us, using carefully selected safety materials and production processes. To provide our customers with further surprises and impressive experience, Fukuido will continue to evolve by expanding our horizons, for example by blending the confectionery cultures of “western” countries. Fukuido is truly proud of seeing customers delighted by our products as we believe that “delicious” sweets can be magical and bring people so much delight. We will, keeping this in mind, provide surprises, impressive experiences, safety, healing and the spirits of OMOTENASHI (hospitality) to people all over the world to demonstrate our creativity.

Representative President

Yoko Yoshinobu MacDonald






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