Japanese Confectionery

Taste and craftsmanship of established confectionery which has weaved a history of over one hundred and forty years.
Provision of delicate next generation Japanese Sweets based on our tradition.


Over one hundred and forty years since its establishment. The Bizen District, where Fukuido has weaved its history, is blessed with a rich natural green landscape and a mild climate. We have served our customers traditional Japanese style sweets, which our artisans, who have developed skills and motivated by feeling the changes of the scenery of all four seasons, have produced using plenty of rich products harvested in this area. The sensitivity of Japanese people who appreciate the changes of the seasons exists in the products of Fukuido. Our products, which have a touching appearance and taste, make people happy, and are appreciated as souvenirs by people not only in this area but also other areas throughout Japan. Through collaboration with another established company in Okayama looking to develop authentic products, we are also looking to develop the top-of-the-line products with flavor which cannot be imitated by anyone else. Although only a small piece of the Japanese culture on offer in Bizen, Fukuido is proud to be a purveyor of Japanese confectionery in Bizen Okayama.


Now is the time to experience products of authentic Japanese spirits
The new sweet, “TATSUJI TSUTSUMIMONO,” represents Fukuido

Soy sauce, which has long been a major ingredient in Japanese food culture, is not only a seasoning we Japanese are very familiar with, but it also is a traditional ingredient that we are proud to have introduced to the world. Fukuido has utilized the prized soy sauce and wrapped it in our new sweet for an unwavering flavor of soy sauce. This soy sauce was created by natural yeast living in the storehouse of Takatori Shoyu Maker for over one hundred years.


Traditional Japanese sweets of Fukuido




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