Privacy Policy

Fukuido fully understands and realizes the importance of personal information submitted by our customers, and take following procedures to properly manage such personal information submitted through Fukuido's website.

About Personal Information

Personal Information is information of an individual customer and is used to identify the customer, by means of name, postal code, address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth and/or occupation.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

To provide customers with better service, Fukuido may request our customers to provide personal information when we receive inquiries, provide various information and e-mail newsletters, and ask for questionnaires. Fukuido will collect Personal Information under a sufficient and lawful process, to the extent acceptable by our customers, and without taking illegal procedures. Therefore, Fukuido will either request our customers' consent or announce required information on Fukuido's website in relation to the collection and purpose of use of customers' Personal Information. Fukuido will not use customers' Personal Information beyond the scope of the aforementioned purpose of use.

Security and Control of Personal Information

Fukuido will have our manager implement the appropriate security and control means to prevent loss, alteration or divulgation, etc. of Personal Information collected from our customers, in addition to securing the correctness of data within the scope necessary to attain the purpose of use of such information.

Policy for Outsourcing

Fukuido may consign part of our control and management work to another company for the purpose of enhancing our services. If Fukuido provides such companies with Personal Information, we will have them strictly control the Personal Information to avoid the release of and/or illegal access to the Personal Information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Unless otherwise determined to be necessary, Fukuido will not disclose any Personal Information collected from our customers to any third parties other than our affiliates, business partners and outsourcing companies. Provided however, Fukuido may disclose Personal Information if required to do so under applicable laws and regulations or by public institutions including competent court and police offices, without the consent of customers.

Correction and Termination of the Use of Personal Information

Fukuido will, upon the request of a customer, correct, revise or stop the use of the Personal Information after verifying the customer.

Contact Information about Our Privacy Policy

1293 Nishi-katakami, Bizen, Okayama Prefecture, 705-0021, Japan
Phone: +81(0)869-64-2065
FAX: +81(0)869-64-3151
(Business hours: 9:30 to 17:00, except for weekends and national holidays)


Fukuido will comply with laws and ordinances and other norms concerning the protection of Personal Information, and will continuously review and endeavor to improve our Privacy Policy.



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