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Thank you very much for accessing Fukuido's website.
This website of Fukuido is maintained in order to deepen our customers' understanding of Fukuido and our various businesses and to enhance our customers impressions of our products with ease, affection and surprise.
We make every effort to inform our customers of updates on a timely and precise basis so as to meet the purposes of customers who visit our site. Furthermore, we have prepared much content which customers can join. We hope that all of our customers can enjoy the benefits of this.
Before using Fukuido's website, please read through the following matters.


The information posted on this website is protected by copyright law. Viewers may not use, sell, publicly transmit, reuse, reproduce replicate or combine it with any other copyrighted materials.


In principle, viewers are free to link to this website, except under the situations described below. Fukuido would appreciate it if you can let us know about linking to this website in advance. The URLs and content of the posted information within Fukuido's website may be changed without any prior notice.

<Website to be refrained from links>

Any website which collects fees from users for access from which the website of Fukuido is accessed.
Any website with contents which may be offensive to public order and decency.
Any website which may be damaging to Fukuido's business reputation and confidence.
Any other website which Fukuido deems not appropriate to have links.

<How to Create Links and Show Fukuido's Website>

In principle, the links to be created on Fukuido's Top Page: Please clearly mention that the link is to the website of Fukuido.
Fukuido prohibits any method of linking which creates a misunderstanding to a third party, including the extension of all or part of our website inside a window of a website of a referrer. Please be sure that linking is set up in a manner in which this website is displayed in a new browser window or the entire window changes. When a new browser window is opened, its graphic resolution should be 1024 x 728 or larger.

Trouble Resulting from Access to the Website of Fukuido

Fukuido will not be held liable to any direct or indirect damage or trouble to personal computers, peripheral devices, and network environments, including the software and hardware of customers or viewers, caused by accessing the website of Fukuido.



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